The 2020/2021 Premier League Preview: Who Grabs The Title From Liverpool, And What Changes Should We Expect?

The 2020/2021 premier league season gets underway this weekend with all the 19 teams optimistic of wrestling the title from a fancied Liverpool side. The Reds were class apart last season, winning the league with seven matches to spare. Manchester City tried to mount some opposition, but they too were short of the energy and efficiency exhibited by the high flying Liverpool side. And although the season was dogged with questionable VAR decisions and the coronavirus pandemic, Liverpool still found a way to lift their 19th premier league title. Juggen Klopp’s side still look the effective side they were last season, and they will surely be gunning for a 20th title.

A lot of changes to take effect as the league resumes.

With coronavirus having thrown everything into disarray, it was about time some changes found their way into the premier league. We have been faced with extraordinary moments, and as such, we’ve had to adjust accordingly.

So, what changes ad what gets back to normal?

Well, let’s take look at a few of them.

  1. Five Substitutes rule scrapped off

As earlier mentioned, the COVID-19 presented us with some anxious moments which required sporadic changes. One of those changes was the temporary introduction of the five substitutes. The temporally rule by FIFA was meant to reduce the any fatigues during games.

Nonetheless, with the premier league ended, all the participating teams voted to revert back to the three substitutes.

So when the league kicks off tomorrow in various parts of the country, don’t be surprised to see your team limited to only three substitutes.

  1. The fans will still stay longer from the stands

The efforts to contain the novel coronavirus are still underway. And although many of the restrictions put in place have either been removed or eased, the fight to flatten the curve, and get rid of the virus completely still remain on course.

The ban on social gathering is still in place. It means, therefore, that the fans will have t wait longer to cheer their teams from the stands.

But more than just keeping the fans away from the stadia, the premier league clubs will also experience hue financial losses.

The UK government says fans could be allowed back in the stands in October. However, with the recent surge in new cases, it still remain a mystery as to when we will have the stadia packed to capacity.

  1. No more water break

We had teams taking breaks in each half to drink some water in the 2019/2020 season. This was necessitated by the high temperatures then.

The clubs have however voted not to continue with the practice, arguing that the temperatures will have dropped by the time the league starts.

  1. Tired of the VAR drama? Well, we still have it for the new season

We had some of the most controversial moments since the VAR was introduced in the league.

There was a lot of critiscm, some fair, on the use of the VAR. Consequently, this season will see the referees monitoring the pitch-side for goals increased in number.

  1. Winter break not just yet

The season is already behind schedule. Normally, the league ought to begin by October. However, coronavirus has made it impossible and we’re already five weeks behind the normal schedule.

The winter break, introduced last season, will therefore not be there for players

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