FIFA And UEFA Move To Outlaw The Planned Super League Stinks Of Hypocrisy And Self Interest Conflict

super league

The Super League might have come to a screeching halt- even before it began. However, that doesn’t still quell the unparalleled greed and dishonesty in football. And the worst thing that could come out of that scenario is the misplaced belief that greed has been outfoxed, and completely phased out.

You see, for a long time, those who run the sport have done it for their own interest. But the worst group here is those who continue to take pride in the failure of the breakaway European super league, and shamelessly congratulate themselves for helping fans reclaim the so called People’s Game.

Is European Super League bad?

They might have succeeded blackmailing the players, and forcing teams into submission.

Nonetheless, the truth is:

It would be disheartening if these greedy UEFA and FIFA officials got away with such insulting drivel. What has happened in the past week is a bucketload of hypocrisy that has continued to stifle any meaningful progress in the game.

And the only way this shameful episode would have stopped a worse supporter exploitation is if the power brokers admit they helped create such a pathetic scenario.

The European Super League teams might have erred in forming such an elitist competition. What is also true is that the power brokers at FIFA and UEFA realized they would not take this self-centered project to its conclusion.

So, the European Super League might have been a rushed idea. But it’s the massive theft and dishonesty that had already happened- facilitated by the same people decrying it- that makes the whole campaign a stale joke.

Why did the Breakaway European Super League fail?

We have all seen UEFA and FIFA look the other way as deep rooted racism in football threaten to bring down the beautiful game. How many times have we witnessed the World Cup hosting rights awarded via kickbacks to repressive states with blood on its hands?

FIFA and UEFA seem to have suddenly re-awoken from their slumber, and now it’s all tongs against a similar project they’ve been running- without question.

If anything, these two bodies are self-serving closed shops which have for a long time, clogged the calendar and squeezed the life out of players by inventing new competitions to earn more cash and power.

There was a new kid on the block-the super league- and it wouldn’t have gone ahead without the cartel’s blessings!

What next for the European Super League Teams?

The breakaway premier league teams may not have intended to kill the competition, but their action meant grabbing the game from the working class, and taking it to a wealthier audience. And it was a deliberate action that might have irked any genuine football lover.

That, however, doesn’t absolve any of the remaining 14 teams from blame.

While they are right in their sharp criticism of the planned super league, they are also guilty of voting to keep the 93% of the current $12.056 billion TV deals.

The repercussions of their selfish vote is that no, or little money trickles down the football pyramid. Now, more than ever, the grassroots game is on its knees, while they claim to be so concerned about it.

The defeat might have been temporary, as they retreat to find a suitable strategy to build a more lucrative competition. Sooner or later, the game will be lost to a new set of vultures who don’t give a damn whether it lives, or dies.

Because, they don’t just care!


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